Onelife ZMA : Supports Sports Recovery 60 Veg Capsules.
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  • 1. Zinc may help in maintaining muscle strength and a healthy immune system. 2. Magnesium may help improve exercise performance and manage sleep. It is also essential for the maintenance of electrolyte balance. 3. Vitamin B6 is essential for energy production during exercise. 4. Black pepper extract is known to help in better absorption of nutrients by elevating their metabolism.
  • INGREDIENTS:- ZMA is a combination of Zinc, Magnesium, Black Pepper Extract and Vitamin B6. Zinc may help support your immune system. Magnesium may help improve exercise performance and sleep. Vitamin B6 is known to boost energy.
  • Recommended Usage:- For adults, take three capsules daily, preferably before bedtime or as suggested by healthcare professional.
  • Supports Muscle Recovery: Without Proper Sleep, Your Body Can’t Repair Itself, Leaving The Muscles At Risk. Our Zma Formula Helps Get A Goodnight’s Sleep, While Also Playing Vital Roles In Hundreds Of Bodily Functions Necessary To Performing Your Best