bodyfuel fastcharge
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Bodyfuelz fastcharge a scientifically designed sports drink. It is based on the science of rehydration. No other product in the market has this unique combination. Bodyfuelz fastcharge with its 3 – unique system that hydroenergises you for peak performance. 6 Percent Osmotic Delivery System: Only this unique carbohydrate concentration and blend will ensure sustained energy release. 5:1 ratio electrolyte replenisher: rapid loss of water via sweat leads to dehydration, which ultimately reduces performance by up to 30% in an hour. Only 5:1 sodium to potassium electrolyte mix will ensure an immediate uptake of water for instant rehydration. 5-Vitamin Catalyst Enhancer: 5 vitamins serve as catalysts to enhance the carbo – energy metabolism, releasing more energy from stored reserves in the body. Also free radical protection is ensured with this unique vitamin C antioxidant blend.