Venky's Nutrition Albumen Plus
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Venky's Albumen Plus provides the best BCAA profile which stimulates protein synthesis in your muscles and relieves mental tiredness. This supplement also helps in improving the antibody response of the intestinal tract. It has a band of amino acids which provide proteins that support muscle tissue maintenance and keep them strong. It enhances muscle growth and strength. It is free from fat, cholesterol and carbohydrates.  It provides the bodybuilder’s the correct amount of protein which is necessary for muscle mass. 

Further, this supplement increases stamina and tolerance which helps you to exercise with a higher intensity. It is easy on the stomach. It has digestive enzyme called papain which helps in easy digestion of the protein. It has active components which promotes the growth of bone-forming cells. It also has calcium which promotes bone health when mixed with dairy nutrients. It has shown to be effective in reducing blood pressure in people with borderline hypertension.